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Related article: to fly. The attention which the parents can give them is so superior to any that can be afforded by human beings, that an eyess too early taken is hardly ever worth training. The captor should, therefore, wait until the white down, which at first covers the whole of the young bird, has mostly become hidden by the brown feathers which gradually grow through and over it. Pere- grines Buy Sumatriptan and kestrels will, in many or most cases, have advanced to this stage by about the beginning of the second week in June. Sparrow-hawks do not advance so far til] later in the month or the beginning of July, and need very rarely be taken till about July 6th. Still later are the hobbies, which often do not hatch their eggs until late in June, and whose young Purchase Sumatriptan are seldom ready to fly before the middle or end of July. Of course where a pair of any hawks have had Sumatriptan Buy their first nest of the year destroyed and have made a second, these dates must be postponed for a time, varying from a few days to a whole month. If the moment of capture can be deferred till the youngsters can take short Sumatriptan 100 Mg flights at Cheap Sumatriptan a few inches off* the ground, the better it will be for their prospects in life. A young hawk newly taken will, in nine cases out of ten, feed readily enough, provided only that two or three precautionary measures are taken. One of these is that she should be kept quiet and in the dark, and another is that nothing is done to frighten Sumatriptan Online or anger her. Night is Sumatriptan 100mg the best time for removing the captives Sumatriptan Spray from the nest, because they may then immediately go to sleep in their new home, and awake with an appetite when the morning* light is first let in upon them. But any very unwonted sight or sound suddenly presented to them will awake their ready suspicion, and inspire in them a distrust of their foster-parents which may very quickly develop into aver- sion and dislike. A good deal of caution and gentleness is required in approaching the artificial oest in which they have been laid, and in oflering the morsels of warm meat on a stick to them, in order that they may from the first look upon the appearance of the feeder with equanimity and pleasure, instead of with a feeling of surprise and alarm. But if only the move- ments of the keeper are slow and quiet the work of conciliating them to their new surroundings will be found unexpectedly easy, and the behaviour of the adopted children will be more exemplary than anyone would suppose. Four or more feeds a day may be given as long as there is any down visible on the growing bodies, and, unless any great mistake has been made, before the pupils can fly about they will have learnt to come willingly to their teacher whenever they have the chance. I900.] YOUNG HAWKS. Ill Thus it is quite possible for a keeper or groom Sumatriptan Tablets or any person, who comes suddenly into the possession of a nest of hawks, to keep them in good condition for the short time which may be required to find a purchaser for them. There is, however, no reason why the person who has found a hawk's nest should not begin with them in orthodox style the educa- tion which they would undergo if tliey were in the most competent hands. No popular idea Purchase Sumatriptan Online is more erroneous than the belief that all hawks are wild and intractable. Treat them in a rational and considerate way, and they will be found to accommodate themselves as quickly and easily to an artifi- cial life as any animal or bird. And the discipline to which a young hawk ought first to be subjected is less irksome and elaborate than any other. For some weeks, indeed, the chief object of the trainer is to give them the greatest amount of liberty possible. They are, to use a technical term, turned out "to hack." In other words, they are allowed to roam about en- tirely at their own will, wherever they choose to go. The freedom allowed to a foal or a puppy is abject thraldom compared with that which the eyess peregrine or merlin enjoys. This latter chooses every evening the branch or post or rock or other eminence upon which she Buy Sumatriptan Online chooses to pass her night. If she feels inclined to shift her quarters, and to make Sumatriptan 50 Mg a moonlight journey on the wing to a more comfortable spot, nothing hinders her from doing so. With the earliest streak of dawn, or at whatever later time she prefers, she can flit thence to whatever place is most attractive to her. At breakfast time her food is put out, either on a board or on a VOL. ixxiv. — Order Sumatriptan NO. 486. ** lure," whence she Generic Sumatriptan may eat it at her ease; and as soon as her appetite is renewed she is served in like way with her dinner and her supper. The life of a young hawk at hack only differs from that of a wild one in the fact that her meals are provided for her by a man instead of by her natural parents. During all this time the owner, whether he is an expert falconer or knows not a jot of falconry, has no more to do with the hawks under his charge than he may have had to do with the robins and sparrows to whom Sumatriptan 50mg in winter he threw breadcrumbs from his window. He merely provides their food, and, meting it out in rations proportionate to their sizes, attaches it to the lures or feeding places at set times in the day. Half a pound of beef, rabbit, or pigeon sufEces for the two or Buy Cheap Sumatriptan three daily feeds offered to a peregrine ; and it is easy to calculate how much food will be required for a smaller hawk ac- cording to its size. But the idea, apparently now widely prevailing amongst the common herd, that Order Sumatriptan Online any inferior meat is good enough for a hawk, is altogether mistaken. The quality and freshness of all meat and other viands supplied to these creatures, whose natural food is perfectly fresh-killed birds, ought What Is Sumatriptan to be even more beyond suspicion than what is supplied to a man. Thus, though the care of hawks during their period of hack, requires no skill, and only a very small amount of trouble, it entails a certain daily expense. But all expenditure upon hawks at this time of their life is worth far more in increasing their value than its mere money price. The price of a hawk which has been well " hacked " ought to be, and is, about double that of one which comes straight from the 8 112